Six Steps to Ensure Your Horse Blanket Fits

Fitting your Aloga horse blanket

Aloga Blankets are a standard fit and following our easy horse measuring guide should ensure you select the perfect size for your horse. Check out our size guide

  1. When your blanket arrives, it is a good idea to check it for size before you use it. When trying the blanket for the first time you can try it on over a light sheet. It is good to keep it clean and free from hairs in the event you wish to exchange it.
  1. When you place the blanket on for the first time, fasten the front closures, the surcingle’s under the horse and do not forget to pull the horse’s tail over the tail stap at the rear of the blanket.
  1. Next, adjust the surcingle’s to ensure they are the correct length. A good rule is to allow the space of one hand width, or at least 10cm between the surcingle’s and your horse’s belly. You want to ensure they are tight enough to keep your blanket secure, but with enough space that your horse is not uncomfortable. 
  1. When tryng a turnout blanket for the first time always check the rear of the blanket. The end of the blanket should cover just below the top of the tail. This is even more important when trying a turnout blanket. Horses tend to turn their rear to wind and rain in poor weather. For this reason we want the blanket to be long enough and ensure the tail strap is securing the rear of the blanket.
  1. The blanket should sit comfortable in front of the shoulders. Run your hand slowly along the inside of the blanket a the front, on both sides. The blanket should not be too tight on the shoulders or the chest and you should be able to run your hand easily around the inside.
  1. Finally, when you feel you have checked everthing, stand back and assess the fit from a distance.  Once you are happy the blanket is sitting comfortably at the front while also covering the proper length of your horse you are ready to go.
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